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«I have been using hidewindow plus for about a year now. The product is extremely intuitive to get up an running, and a simple two-key-stroke will toggle back and forth between hidden and display states. It even hides it on the task bar. Best of all it boots up with windows and uses very little computer resources.
I have found absolutely no conflicts with anything. Customer support is extremely responsive, ususally responds within hours.
Highly recommended!!!»

Keith in Connecticut, USA



«Obviously, there are numerous situations when you don't want somebody came from the next
room and look at your screen over your shoulder.

The Hide Window Plus software is a simple and reliable solution for the "look-over-the-shoulder" problem. All it does - just allows you to hide some windows off the screen - Instantly and surely.»






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Hide Window Plus benefits

Hide Yahoo Messenger with Hide Windows Plus

Yahoo Messenger... Even if you are a chatterbox and spend your working time in this funny but unproductive way we may save you from unexpected wrath of your employer. How? It is the simplest thing in the world! "No Yahoo Messenger - no problem!" says your boss? We totally agree!

Hide Yahoo Messenger and be happy.

With Hide Windows Plus you will be sure in your total innocence before the shrewd eyes of your boss. How? Install the program in a special "stealthy" mode and no one will find Yahoo Messenger (which you hide by a mouse click or keyboard shortcut), or even Hide Windows Plus itself!

Nothing is more unpleasant than being disturbed while discussing some important matter, we know it. But you may easily eliminate any problem concerned with your Yahoo Messenger by hiding it with Hide Windows Plus.

Want to save your nerves? Then Hide Yahoo Messenger with Hide Windows Plus

Have you ever tried to close all your windows by yourself? How long did it take? 20 seconds? 30 seconds?

And what if you can manage closing all your forbidden windows in a moment? Sounds good, yes? Then download Hide Windows Plus and enjoy safety and freedom of action. Hide your Yahoo Messenger with no embarrassment or angry glances of your boss.

Remember! Your nerves mean your health! Hide "wrong" windows with Hide Windows Plus and breathe freely! No fear of slowing your system down or being scolded by boss - it is easy with Hide Windows Plus at your disposal.

Hide Yahoo Messenger with Hide Windows Plus and chat without fear of being caught!