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«I have been using hidewindow plus for about a year now. The product is extremely intuitive to get up an running, and a simple two-key-stroke will toggle back and forth between hidden and display states. It even hides it on the task bar. Best of all it boots up with windows and uses very little computer resources.
I have found absolutely no conflicts with anything. Customer support is extremely responsive, ususally responds within hours.
Highly recommended!!!»

Keith in Connecticut, USA



«Obviously, there are numerous situations when you don't want somebody came from the next
room and look at your screen over your shoulder.

The Hide Window Plus software is a simple and reliable solution for the "look-over-the-shoulder" problem. All it does - just allows you to hide some windows off the screen - Instantly and surely.»






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Hide Window Plus benefits

Hide Outlook with Hide Windows Plus

Do you use Microsoft Outlook? Is there anything you wouldn't like to share with onlookers? Then Hide Windows Plus must become your favorite program!

Your letters are a part of your private life. You always want to know what happens with your friends or relatives from all over the world - and imagine what a pity it would be to lose such an opportunity as to read a message from any of them when it just arrived! But it can happen - if you fear that someone may enter your room and have a look at your treasure that you don't want to share with anyone. Take precautions! Just install our program and hide your Outlook with Hide Windows Plus!

Hide Windows Plus: Less fear - More confidence

Hiding and restoring your Outlook windows never have been more easy and convenient than now - with Hide Windows Plus - simply click a mouse button or use a special keyboard shortcut and no one will ever have even a slight chance of catching you unprepared!

For example, you know that a person of your profound interest is going to write you a letter. How can you stop yourself from having a look at your incoming mail from time to time? Now let's imagine that you are in your office, surrounded by co-workers and (which is worse than anything else) your boss, eager to be sure that his employees do nothing but work. What do you need in such a situation? - Right! - A program that would let you hide your Outlook in a moment.

By installing Hide Windows Plus you can not only hide Outlook, but save your nerves and reputation.

Hide Outlook windows easily with Hide Windows Plus

If you use Outlook as an e-mail application, and as Contact Manager, journal or something else too, then you need just the same thing - having Outlook hidden by Hide Windows Plus. Hide your written materials - save your privacy - be confident!

Hide your Microsoft Outlook with Hide Windows Plus right now and stop worrying!