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«I have been using hidewindow plus for about a year now. The product is extremely intuitive to get up an running, and a simple two-key-stroke will toggle back and forth between hidden and display states. It even hides it on the task bar. Best of all it boots up with windows and uses very little computer resources.
I have found absolutely no conflicts with anything. Customer support is extremely responsive, ususally responds within hours.
Highly recommended!!!»

Keith in Connecticut, USA



«Obviously, there are numerous situations when you don't want somebody came from the next
room and look at your screen over your shoulder.

The Hide Window Plus software is a simple and reliable solution for the "look-over-the-shoulder" problem. All it does - just allows you to hide some windows off the screen - Instantly and surely.»






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Hide Window Plus benefits

Hide Internet Explorer with Hide Windows Plus

Click a mouse button or use a keyboard shortcut to hide your Internet Explorer from the screen to background with Hide Windows Plus. It requires no additional knowledge except these easy actions to get away from any problem, connected with having Internet Explorer's windows being seen on the screen of your computer.

It doesn't matter how soon you need to hide this Microsoft web browser \ with Hide Windows Plus you can manage to hide Internet Explorer in few seconds. Sounds good? If you see anyone approaching near your monitor you will have enough time to hide the browser to background!

Internet Explorer + Hide Windows Plus = No problem!

There's so much interesting on the Internet, but there's someone who hates you surfing the web? Don't worry - search for whatever you are interested in and simply keep in mind how to hide Internet Explorer with Hide Windows Plus.

Are you still slightly nervous that someone would catch you for using Hide Windows Plus? Chill out! Install the program in a "stealthy" mode and enjoy - it wouldn't appear in the Add and Remove Programs applet or Start Menu. Also it wouldnt have tray icon.

How to hide Internet Explorer with Hide Windows Plus? Easy!

As easy, as to lie that you haven't been running Internet Explorer at all! There's literally no danger of being caught for such a lie if you hide Internet Explorer with Hide Windows Plus. You still have doubts whether to continue living with a constant urge to have a look at your favorite page and a fear of being prosecuted for it or subdue this wish to the will of someone superior?

We give an opportunity to save your nerves and inner peace! Simply hide Internet Explorer with Hide Windows Plus and stay happy!